Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hink Pinks-6th period only

Hink pinks are riddles that have two rhyming words in the answer. Below are word pairs. You must find another word for each word in the pair and the resulting new pair must rhyme. Go to your blog and post your answers!

Example: A naughty father
Answer: A bad dad

1.) A sushi plate

2.) A fast elevator (in England)

3.) An antelope drink

4.) A warm bed

5.) A lawful bird

6.) An Orca prison (Google what an Orca is if you don't know)

7.) A salamander shoe

8.) A sham cobra

9.) A depressed boy

10.) A large stick

For the next two, I want you to come up with your own. We will all visit your blog and see if we can figure them out by leaving comments with our guesses! (Hint: Think of two words that rhyme FIRST, and then come up with the alternate descriptions...it seems to be easier that way).