Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's a Dog's World!!

Dogs love unconditionally, but do they really have feelings? Some people consider dogs as important as people. Others view them as pests! How do you feel?

Today you are going to go to your blog and post a story "through the eyes of a dog." It can be any story about anything (a birthday party, a trip to the vet, a walk through the park, getting picked up by the dog catcher, etc.) as long as it is through the eyes of a dog. Since it is through their eyes, it needs to be in first person! If you have a dog, it can be through their eyes. If you don't, it can be through a dog you have known or just some stray on the street. I want lots of details and make sure you give the dog a personality that shows through your story. This needs to be a story--not just a couple of sentences!

Also make sure you include a picture (or pictures). Remember it does not have to be a dog you know, so pictures can just come from the internet!

Have fun!